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Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's the little things that make me smile: today it's mani pedis

I was way way overdue for a mani pedi.  It really makes me feel good about myself to look down at my hands and feet and see perfectly clean and polished fingers and toes.  I think there's something sexy about freshly manicured hands and feet.  And it certainly serves as a quick fix to help you feel shiny and new when you're feeling icky and gross.

I highly recommend gel manicures.  They are only $10 more than normal manicures and they last around 2 weeks with NO CHIPPING!  Colors are somewhat limited but they have a couple grey shades and I'm super into grey at the moment.  The only warning is don't give into temptation and peel off the gel!!  Go to the salon and have them do the tin foil soak trick.  If you peel off the gel it weakens and ultimately destroys your nails...trust me I know.

And for a little added indulgence I usually fork out the few extra bucks for a ten minute foot massage...

P.S.  All the women at the salon are always wearing these gorgeous jade bangles.  They're officially on my shopping list!

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