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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Private Collection: Color + Psychology

Two of my favorite subjects - style and the psyche, combined, what fun!

A long time ago I read somewhere that if you need to convince a male boss of something (i.e. want to get your way) your best bet is to wear peachy pink - supposedly it makes you appear trustworthy, nonthreatening and innocent - and since then I have amassed and religiously consulted a clothing color guide (not to mention worn peachy pink to every interview I've ever been on).  

This color psychology guide is one of the many lists scribbled into one of the many 'to do', 'to remember', 'to note' notebooks & binders stuffed into dresser drawers and cabinets around my house. This obsessive list making and idea hoarding is what I fondly refer to as 'My Private Collection' and from which I will be sharing with you exerts from time to time.

Here is a brief cheat sheet to what colors to wear at work depending on what vibe/effect you're going for and some cute summer suggestions:

  • LIGHT BLUE - When you want to gain people's trust


  • BROWN - When you want to blend in - so, not good for large meetings where you want to be sure you're heard


  • WHITE - When you want to be perceived as honest, serious & sophisticated - great for meeting with clients

I will definitely be adding this anthropologie dress to my summer wardrobe

  • BLACK -  When you want to exude confidence

banana republic

  • RED - Best for running a meeting - when you need to be noticed and remembered

this American Apparel lace top would look sexy but serious with a navy knee length pencil skirt & navy tank 

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