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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Private Collection: Scents + Psychology

I've been searching for the perfect scent recently, an everyday signature scent.  And I love the way they look.  There's something very romantic and feminine about perfume bottles on display on a bathroom shelf. 

I have long been interested in aroma therapy and have detailed lists of which essential oils do what but I recently stumbled upon this simple, great guide that Sephora has listing which aromas trigger specific feelings and some corresponding perfumes.  Here are some highlights and perfumes that I'm thinking of trying this summer:

Vanilla - Acts as an aphrodisiac

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh

Peony & Magnolia - Associated with feeling sensual

Bright Crystal
Versace Bright Crystal

Grapefruit - Helps you feel more optimistic

Daisy Eau So Fresh

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Peppercorn - helps boost focus and drive

Si Lolita

Cucumber & Jasmine - Helps you feel alive and free

Coach Poppy

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