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Friday, June 3, 2011

it's the little things that make me smile: today it's seeing a DTLA historic Broadway theatre on SYTYCD

First of all, So You Think You Can Dance is my favvvorite show and the fact that it's on twice a week again makes me soooo happy.

Secondly, seeing one of DTLA's historic theatres, The Orpheum, on national television also brings a smile to my face. For those of you who aren’t die hard fans they held their LA auditions in the Orpheum tonight.

As a downtown resident I have an immense amount of pride an awe for the many gorgeous theatres up and down Broadway (Million Dollar Theatre, Roxie Theatre, Cameo Theatre, Arcade Theatre, Los Angeles Theatre, Palace Theatre, State Theatre, Globe Theatre, Tower Theatre, Rialto Theatre, Orpheum Theatre, United Artists Theatre), but it breaks my heart that they're barely used and have of them are falling apart.  And when they are being used it's mainly for filming.  Such a waste.  Broadway could be such a lively, beautiful, cultural destination.

But there’s hope! An initiative called Bringing Back Broadway started in 2008 to improve the historic core’s infrastructure and revitalize the Broadway Theatre District. One of their main goals is to take all these gorgeous privately owned historic theatres and turn them back into entertainment venues,  just as the Orpheum did 10 years ago.

If my husband and I win the lottery we’ve already decided to buy one of the theatres and restore it to it’s former glory…in the meantime here are a few of my favorites:

Tower Theatre
(which also happens to be the view from our loft)

Photo by me

Photo by jericl cat

Los Angeles Theatre

Photo by me

Photo by jericl cat

Photo by jericl cat

The Orpheum
(via LA Conservancy)

Photo by Stephen Russo

The Million Dollar Theatre
(via Apartment Therapy)

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