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Monday, June 6, 2011

it's the little things that make me smile: today it's Dudamel with my mom

The past two Sunday's I've taken my mom to the Walt Disney Concert Hall (the venue alone makes me smile) to watch Gustavo Dudamel conduct Brahms.  This Sunday's concert was particularly spectacular.  Dudamel's passion makes watching (and listening to) a classical music concert a pure joy. I resisted classical music growing up and while I enjoy it much more as an adult I couldn't (to my mother's dismay) tell you the difference between Brahms and Beethoven.  But I do know great, engaging music when I hear it.  Dudamel's spirit and style brings the music to life, you can tell he's having fun which in turn put's a big smile on my face.  Not to mention how happy it makes my mother and how nice it is to have this mother/daughter bonding experience. While I feel lucky to live in a place where such events take place just blocks from my home, people all over the country were able to watch a live broadcast of the concert, hosted by John Lithgow, in movie theaters.  Read more about the live broadcast here.

Photo by Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

Photo by me

Photo by me

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