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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the little things that make me smile: today it's art and kids

A little less than a year ago I was fortunate enough to happen upon the Art of Elysium, a non profit that places volunteer artists with children who are battling serious medical conditions.  I haven't been able to volunteer in a couple of months but now that I'm not working for little bit I'm able to conduct workshops again.  Today was great...the main purpose of the workshops is to provide an activity and environment for the kids so they can forget for a few hours that they're sick and allow them to just be kids.  And it has a very similar effect on me.  Creating art with the kids helps me forget for a few hours whatever silly little petty issues I'm dealing with and put things into perspective.  I can't speak for the other volunteers but I often feel like I need the kids and the program more than they need me...

Making art with kids always makes me smile!  Today we learned about the art of Keith Haring at CHLA and here are some pics from a past workshop where I taught the kids at Shriner's Hospital in LA the fun and simple art of printmaking:

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